Vail Library provides ‘fine amnesty’ through Saturday |

Vail Library provides ‘fine amnesty’ through Saturday

VAIL — For the fifth year, the town of Vail Public Library is offering a “fine free period” that will coincide with National Library Week going on now through Saturday.

No Questions Asked

To remove at least one of the barriers to returning overdue library materials, Vail Public Library borrowers are encouraged to return their overdue library materials, without penalty or fine, through Saturday. Materials returned to either the library or the book drop must be in good condition, but no questions will be asked nor fines assessed.

Not Included

The amnesty does not include overdue fines still on record from previously returned materials. While some materials are simply lost, a great many are still in the hands of the patrons who checked them out. With a “no questions asked” amnesty period, the embarrassment and fear of paying large fines as obstacles to the return of long-overdue materials will be removed.

For more information on the library’s amnesty program, please call 970-479-2187.

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