Vail local achieves arm-wrestling success |

Vail local achieves arm-wrestling success

Vail's Anne "Armbreaker" Armstrong rolled into Crested Butte and rolled out as the 2012 champion of KBUT's Female Armwrestling Tournament. When she isn't the Armbreaker, she's the pasty chef at Bistro Fourteen.

CRESTED BUTTE, Colorado – Anne Armstrong’s tale of great athletic achievement starts they way most should: “Then they showed me the way to the bar.”

The bar was the Talk of the Town bar in Crested Butte, and the human endeavor was winning KBUT’s fourth annual Female Arm Wrestling Tournament.

“It was fun,” she said. “The whole next day people were stopping me when we went skiing and saying, ‘Hey, you’re that arm wrestler girl!’ I should move to a small town where people recognize me for my talent.”

Turns out that arm wrestling is just one of her talents. When she’s not Anne “Armbreaker” Armstrong, she works under her secret identity as the pastry chef at Bistro Fourteen – although it might not be that secret any more.

She was visiting friends in Crested Butte and they convinced her to do it.

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“Once I got there, I was psyched,” Armstrong said.

Her friend dressed her in a Motley Crue T-shirt from 1974 and a bandana – “trying to make me look fierce,” she said.

“Then they showed me the way to the bar,” she said, showing her complete understanding of the foundation of most great human achievement.

It was a double elimination tournament with 16 women, so she had to go nine times.

“By the end of the night I was beat,” she said. “I drew the defending champ in the first round, so I figured my night wouldn’t last long and we’d be off doing something else.”

But no. She took the defending champ, Caroline “Depth Hoar” Czencush, and her evening was planned.

“I was terrified,” Armstrong told the Crested Butte News.

The Talk of the Town is a two-story bar, and it was packed. They had a VIP section and televised the event on video screens all over the bar, so all in all it was a great way to spend an evening, she said.

Armstrong was not completely without an arm wrestling background. She took second place in a similar tournament in Carbondale last year.

Still, it was Depth Hoar who attracted most of the pre-tournament attention as men hovered around asking for pictures of her, them, and the championship belt she was carrying.

Technique matters, some, but Armstrong said she wasn’t entirely certain what hers should be.

“I didn’t really have a technique,” Armstrong told the News. “I just know the woman who beat me in Carbondale bent my wrist quick so I just tried to do that.”

Armstrong wrist wrestled her way through the winners bracket, and faced Lauren “Penalty Lox” Alkire in the final.

Armstrong’s strategy worked again as her quick first move put Penalty Lox on the table.

The championship belt is just her size, and said she’ll be back next year to defend her title.

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