Vail local’s viral video to be featured on CBS show ‘Greatest #AtHome Videos’ |

Vail local’s viral video to be featured on CBS show ‘Greatest #AtHome Videos’

Chris Bivona's body of work has millions of views

Local Chris Bivona’s video of a jumping dog will be featured on prime time television Friday.

The CBS show “Greatest #AtHome Videos” is hosted by Cedric the Entertainer and started off as a one-off special last year. It returned for 10 episodes last season and was renewed for a second season this June.

Bivona’s video features a dog in a play pen jumping with such thrust that it causes the play pen to levitate. It’s a cute video, but for Bivona, it’s far from his most recognizable work.

Bivona is the owner of Ski Town All Stars and has created many recognizable videos in recent years. A video posted to the Ski Town All Stars Instagram account in February 2021, featuring Bivona’s “microwave” ski characters, has already received more than 20 million views.

Bivona says he was featured on “America’s Funniest Home Videos” as a child and has been in the habit of recording videos ever since.

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The key to making your video go viral, he says, is to capture something people will want to share with others.

In Bivona’s dog video, which will be featured on the CBS program “Greatest #AtHome Videos” on Friday, Bivona said the dog performing the stunt is actually his mother’s pet, which he was watching at the time.

A screen shot from Vail local Chris Bivona’s video which will air on national television on Friday. Bivona’s dog Koa is eating while his mother’s dog, Indigo, makes her play pen levitate in the background.
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“Her name is Indigo,” Bivona said, ”We have to put her in the play pen while my dog, Koa, eats, otherwise she’ll eat Koa’s food.“

Frustrated, Indigo begins jumping and is able to raise her play pen off the ground in doing so.

“It’s pretty hilarious to see,” Bivona said.

To see the video, watch the CBS program “Greatest #AtHome Videos” on Friday at 9 p.m.

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