Vail may change town council terms |

Vail may change town council terms

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – If Vail, Colorado decides to change it’s town charter, the town may join the rest of the state’s municipal governments in having all council members serve four-year terms.

Vail voters will decide in the next election whether they want to change the town’s current system, which has the top vote getters in an election serving four-year terms, and the winner with the least number of votes serving two years.

The new changes, aimed at clarifying the town charter, would do away with the two-year terms and limits council members to serving two consecutive, four-year terms. If they want to run again after their limits are up, they can do so after a two year “cool off” period.

The current charter limits council members to eight consecutive years on the council, which can cause complications if a member gets voted to a four-year term and a two-year term. Once a member hits the term limit, they must wait four years before running again.

Right now only two communities in the state, Vail and Edgewater, have the combination of two- and four-year terms, said Town Attorney Matt Mire.

“I think it’s time for Vail to join every other community and go to four-year terms,” said councilwoman Margaret Rogers, who will soon be halfway through a four-year term. “When citizens are out there voting, they’re not thinking, I want this person to serve two years and this person to serve four. They’re voting for who they think is most qualified.”

Other council members also pointed out that four years gives them enough time to become acquainted with the town and it’s issues.

Councilman Kevin Foley also suggested changing the rules so that a mayor is chosen every two years by the council. The change may also be voted on by citizens in November.

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