Vail Mountain groomed for speed |

Vail Mountain groomed for speed

John Elmendorf
Vail, CO, Colorado

Another season-ending “ironed out” story happened today, Feb 9, to another friend, “Hendy” Colley, a longtime Vailite and retired ski industry worthy.

It’s been 24 months since “Zimmer” Zimmerman, ski schooler, was removed from the chess board by a guest.

Today, Hendy was handily dusted off by an out-of-control Argentine speedster. He’s currently having various leg bones set and wondering where did the “Baroloche Bomber” come from?

My question: Is this just another hazard to be figured into a day at Vail? It’s enough to brave the pockets of craziness on I-70, but there I’ve got collision and liability, and 1 ton of metal.

But the front side of Vail has become a Colorado bumper cars side show. I’ve got three suggestions to offer.

First, require all visitors to sign a statement that they comprehend the responsibilities associated with buying a ticket to enter the crash coliseum.

Second, publish it in all necessary languages.

Third, empower, ski patrollers, ski school personnel, yellow jackets, and even ticket holders to take firm action when faced with out-of-control behavior.

There’s a new phenomenon of “straight shotting.” This bizarre form of downhilling requires a skier of questionable ability to take the shortest route down a slope that empties into a flat. It’s really quite entertaining, best left to slopes that have no other skiers on them. It can, however be seen on Prima Pronto, Look Ma, and much to Hendy’s chagin, the bottom of Number 2.

Vail has succeeded in creating the finest resort for speed as its grooming is surpassed by none other. Therein lies the danger.

John Elmendorf


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