Vail Mountain School holiday dinner dance and auction |

Vail Mountain School holiday dinner dance and auction

Turkey Trot for charity

The Vail Athletic Club’s Charity Turkey Trot is Dec. 1. It’s a benefit for Roger Pepper Adventure Camps, founded by local artist Allison Massari to build the confidence of young burn survivors by introducing them to the thrill of outdoor adventure. The camps now work in conjunction with the Crested Butte Adaptive Sports Center to host two week-long camps each year. Call Shannon Galpin at the Vail Athletic Club, 476-0700 or 376-0754, or e-mail Registration is 8 a.m. that day, or preregister. The races (10K, and 5K) start at 10 a.m., and the raffle is at noon.

We need stories that could be true or are true

Our personal powers that be at the Vail Daily have decreed that we’ll be doing a commemorative edition for Vail’s Founders Day celebration. We need stuff right away. Give us a call at 949-0555, ext. 615, or e-mail us at

Drunk Driving Laws Around the World

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, and you’ve over-indulged. If you’re planning to over-indulge in anything but turkey leftovers, check these out.

Malaya: The driver is jailed and if married, his wife is jailed too.

Finland and Sweden: Drunk drivers receive an automatic jail sentence of one year at hard labor.

Russia: The license is revoked for life.

Turkey: Drunk drivers are taken 20 miles from town by the police and forced to walk back under escort.

England: Drunk drivers are sentenced to one year jail term, fined $250 and have their license suspended for a year.

France: Conviction means a three year suspension, one year in jail, and a $1,000 fine.

Poland: Drunk drivers are jailed, fined and forced to attend political lectures.

Bulgaria: A second conviction results in execution.

El Salvador: Your first offense is your last — execution by firing squad.

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