Vail Mountain School sings Seuss |

Vail Mountain School sings Seuss

HL Seussical Musical 1 DT 5-1-30

VAIL, Colorado – Oh, the thinks you can think, and when Vail Mountain School’s music and drama students thinked it’d be a blast to present “Seussical the Musical,” they thinked right.

Their spring production runs Friday night and Saturday afternoon, and somewhere in heaven Dr. Seuss is smiling.

Actually, it’s “Seussical Junior,” a school-version of the larger Broadway play, which doesn’t mean Dr. Seuss’ smile is any smaller.

Vail Mountain School’s “Seussical Junior” is a big, colorful production that’s 45 kinds of fun – one each for every cast member who hits the stage. Throw in lots of other kinds of fun for the crew and you’re guaranteed a good time.

If you don’t, you’re enjoyment-impaired and even a steady prescription of Dr. Seuss cannot help you.

“The music is upbeat, ranging from funk to jazz, some Broadway – all kinds of styles,” said Karlie Carter, Vail Mountain School’s general music, chorale music and drama teacher.

It’s an ensemble cast, so there are lots of stars, Carter said.

“We wanted a show with a large cast that would appeal to the entire student body and the community,” Carter said.

The Whos of Whoville are third-graders; jungle citizens are fourth- and fifth-graders.

The Cat in the Hat makes an appearance as host and emcee. That’s seventh-grader Luke McKeever.

Thomas Litchev plays Horton.

Gertrude is eighth-grader Raquel Walder and Mayzie is sixth-grader Bryn Iskenderian.

The finale piece is “Green Eggs and Ham,” done in lindy hop style.

There are two ways to do this sort of thing – practice until you get it right, or practice so much you can’t get it wrong. Carter tends to hold the latter philosophy.

They did a run-through Wednesday, about 30 minutes of the show, culminating Vail Mountain School’s Day of the Arts.

“It was great ending to a fun day,” Carter said.

The production is an amalgamation of Dr. Seuss’ most famous books.

The VMS players started working on it in February, and have been following a trail of feathers from the dressing room through the stage ever since.

Here’s why.

The flamboyant Mayzie LaBird wants Horton, of “Horton Hears a Who,” to take care of her egg so she and her backup singers, the Bird Girls, can go on vacation to Palm Beach.

As you might recall, Horton is preoccupied with looking after the Whos, who live on a tiny piece of clover. Because he’s pretty much a tender heart, now he has Mayzie’s egg to look after as well.

In the meantime Gertrude McFuzz is twitterpated with Horton. Gertrude is another bird, but not so grand as Mayzie, who’s pretty easy to notice.

Gertrude decides if she grows some beautiful tail feathers, Horton will notice her.

She does, but he doesn’t. Horton is a guy and therefore can think of only one thing at a time, and right now he’s thinking of Mayzie’s egg.

And that’s why he loses the clover on which the Whos of Whoville live and love and carry on with life as they know it.

It all ends happily, as it must in the finest Dr. Seuss tradition.

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