Vail Natural Health: Winning the war on aging- naturally |

Vail Natural Health: Winning the war on aging- naturally

Kerry Ferguson
Natural Health
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –As I sit here thinking about turning back the clock on aging – or shall we say stopping the aging clock – I can’t help but be drawn to a recent movie, “Sex and the City.”

Visions of Samantha, a 50-something “fabulous” female applies every anti-aging cream, hormone, shot, and supplement into her body to turn back the clock and tricking her body into thinking it was 30 again. What happens when all her tricks are taken away during the movie is a flas back into reality of hot flashes and mood swings.

But in truth, only a small part of what you can do for your body and slowing the aging clock is reliant on these anti-aging tricks. They do have their roll, but once again, lifestyle is the main factor in how well your body adapts to the test of time.

Humans reset their DNA every five months. Once thought to be ironclad, we can actually tweak our DNA with diet and lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle, including a diet full of fruits and vegetables, exercise, joy and physical and emotional connections can improve our DNA and, in turn, keeps our cells healthy.

In contrast, unhealthy lifestyles, drugs and toxins damage our DNA so it cannot replace itself as well and starts breaking down faster. There are only so many times our cells can replace themselves. The key to aging well is to support these cells. So far to date there is no magic anti-aging pill.

Unfortunately, there is often a need for supplements to maintain our healthy cells. We do not live perfect, healthy, stress-free lives as hard as we may try. We are bombarded with messages everyday regarding new sources of anti-aging from skin care to supplements. Unfortunately there is little research out there to support many of the claims these products are making.

There are many supplements that do have scientific research out there supporting their claims. There are two top supplements in my book that are essential. Everyone should be on a multi-vitamin daily because essential vitamins are part of the DNA replication process. Unfortunately, our food is not as nutrient-dense as it used to be, so our bodies are not getting the nutrients as they should.

Another key nutrient is DHA from omega oils. DHA directly works on part of the DNA that involves replication. It is the closest thing that comes to youth in a pill that you are going to find.

This brings me back to Samantha and her creams, pills, hormones and copy of Suzanne Somers’ book. There can be a place for bio-identical hormones in wellness. There are also other natural forms of treatments other than botulinum therapy and dermal fillers that can smooth fine lines and winkles. These are not the fountain of youth but can be beneficial for certain people. Diet and lifestyle is still stronger anti-aging medication than any pill or cream available.

Kerry Ferguson is a board certified Naturopathic Physician specializing in dermatology and chronic illness. Following the completion of her residency in integrative dermatology, she has joined Dr. Deborah Wiancek at Riverwalk Natural Health Clinic. She can be reached at, 970-926-7606,

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