Vail needs a bookstore |

Vail needs a bookstore

Letters to the Editor

If you want to read what everyone else is reading and think what everyone else is thinking, then I suppose the selection at Wal-Mart and City Market is just fine. However, if you want to read about politics, art, history, literature, travel, adventure, cultures other than your own, great fiction and more, you go to an independent book store. In stores such as Verbatim, I discover books and information that I did not know existed. I learn new things and open my eyes to issues and view points that are different from mine. I find books that make me laugh and cry, books that introduce me to far away places and books that, for a few hours, take me away from my everyday life. Sure, I occassionly shop online. I know I’ll find what I am looking for and that the online recommendations will be more of the type of book I usually buy. But I do not always want more of the same and so, I travel to Verbatim for fresh recommendations. It is unfortunate that the valley may lose this precious gem.That the residents of Vail cannot value an independent books store enough to save it saddens me. Ciccero said: “A room without books is a body without a soul.” What do you say about a town without a bookstore?Gloria KennedyAvon Immigration, solvedLet me make it clear, I am a card-carrying Republican. On immigration, the idiots in Washington are making one hell of a mess. Every last one of then, both Democrats and Republicans should be voted out and sent home. We need a clean slate; less politics and more Americanism!Has any one of them ever asked these 12 million “visitors” what THEY want? All I hear is that THEY want to be American citizens. Wrong! They want a job that will support their family, both locally and at “home.” If anyone took the time to ask, I think they will find that the biggest majority do not want to be American citizens. They come here to work for as many years as it takes to build a nest egg and then they go home. We need a guest worker program that allows anyone who wants a job to come to the US, get a job and work. Sure they take the low-paying jobs that lazy Americans don’t want. Hey, it’s Economics 101, supply and demand. If they are willing to work at these wages and this keeps the cost of goods down, we all win. If they want to become a citizen, then they should have one route to go; if they don’t, then they should have another route to go. The one’s who don’t care anything about being an American citizen will eventually go home. So what is so complicated? Pass the Senate compromise and get on with more important issues like tax reform, making income tax cut permanent, Social Security reform, and cut all the pork-barrel spending. Give the President the line-item veto. I support the President and the Senate compromise guest worker program. James AkinVail Go Jo Dee!I attended the Jo Dee Messina concert Sunday night at the Vilar Center. I want to say that the concert was one of, or the best performance I have ever seen. She was spectacular. Her voice is unbelievable and the way she plays to an audience is a true professional. She is mult-italented,plays the piano,drums and guitar besides her choreographywhich was just incredible.She sang for approximately two hours straight. That was the best money I think I have ever spent on a concert . I would travel 100 miles to see her again. She and her band deserve a lot of credit and I hope that she comes back to the Vilar Center again next year.Thanks Jo Dee for a great nite.Barry SimmersBond

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