Vail nonprofits need your help |

Vail nonprofits need your help

Susie TjossemVail, CO, Colorado

The Vail Valley is fortunate to have a wide range of nonprofit groups that provide an immense variety of art, culture and entertainment programs we have all come to expect. All year long these nonprofits work behind the scenes to raise the necessary funding for those programs. The Vail Chamber & Business Association offers all nonprofits a special membership rate, giving them the opportunity to network throughout the business community.It may not come as a surprise to you that many of these non-profits have seen their support dwindle over the last year as a reflection of the overall economic downturn.Just imagine Vail without the music provided by Bravo! and the Vail Jazz Festival, without Hot Summer Nights concerts, the International Dance Festival, without the Betty Ford Gardens, without the thought-provoking Vail Symposium series or without the Colorado Ski Museum keeping our skiing heritage intact. Just imagine…It may seem unimaginable that any of these amenities could go away, but it is a real possibility, because their financial support is eroding. Memberships, donations, contributions, and sponsorships have all been reduced because individuals and corporations have less disposable income to spend. The Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Bravo!, the Colorado Ski Museum, Vail Jazz Foundation, Vail Symposium, and Vail Valley Foundation have created an incomparable slate of culture and entertainment that allows Vail to stand apart from all the rest. Many of us take these incredible benefits for granted, even as entitlements. Most of us assume these nonprofits are well-funded, that someone else is stepping up and writing the check. But if it is not you, then who? Vail Resorts, the town of Vail and the Vail Daily are all generous contributors to these arts, cultural and entertainment entities because they know how important they have become to Vails reputation for excellence, but they cannot possibly shoulder all the costs on their own. It also requires financial support from individuals. If not you, then who? Each of us has taken a financial hit in the last six months, but if we all made a small personal investment in the arts and culture we would help protect our lifestyle and ensure the programs that differentiate Vail remain viable. If each of us made even a $25 tax-deductible contribution to the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Bravo!, the Colorado Ski Museum, Vail Jazz Foundation, Vail Symposium, and the Vail Valley Foundation we would make a difference, we would ensure our entertainment continues. If not you, then who? Susie Tjossem is a member of the Vail Chamber & Business Association Board of Directors and is the Executive Director of the Colorado Ski Museum located in Vail Village. The museum has just opened its newest exhibit, Vail A Dream Realized. Plan to visit soon. Admission is free!

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