Vail offers tips for winter safety

VAIL — With the season’s accumulating snowfall and falling temperatures, Vail Fire & Emergency Services is asking residents and guests to do their part in keeping everyone safe from winter hazards this holiday by following these guidelines:

• Vail is once again experiencing a heavy snow season, and unfortunately, the shoveling and plowing of the snow results in fire hydrants becoming buried. If you’re a property owner, please help Vail Fire & Emergency Services and the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District by keeping all fire hydrants located on your property free and clear of any snow. In the event of an emergency, taking time to find and dig out a fire hydrant can cost the Fire Department precious time and diminish efforts to effectively get water on a fire.

• Please take time to walk around the outside of your home or rental unit to assure that any boiler, mechanical or gas fireplace vents are free from snow blockages. During heavy snows, these vents can become blocked, increasing the chance for the potential of a dangerous carbon monoxide safety hazard.

• Be sure to keep your gas meters and electrical service panels clear of snow, as well as protected from falling ice.

• It is also that time of the year when fireplace and wood burning stoves are in frequent use. As these wood burning devices are being cleaned, it is important to place the ashes, no matter how long ago there was a fire, into a metal container with a cover that tightly seals the container. Store this metal container outside and away from any other combustibles. The use of paper or plastic bags to store ashes can easily catch fire.

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For additional information regarding these alerts, please call Vail Fire & Emergency Services at 970-477-3474.

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