Vail OKs Segways for another year |

Vail OKs Segways for another year

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

Who they talked to: Steve Wright, Vail Police commander; Darryl Bangert, owner of Sage Outdoor Adventures, the company that provides segway tours and rentals in town.

What they talked about: The town has received some letters opposing the use of the Segways, or electric personal assistance mobility devices, on town bike and pedestrian paths. A couple of local residents attended the Tuesday Vail Town Council meeting to voice opposition to the devices, but Wright told council members there have been only minor safety concerns and there was no reason not to extend the ordinance passed earlier this summer.

Nancy Rondeau, a Vail resident, said she understands Vail Village to be an area where pedestrians can wander without any concern for traffic or motorized devices. She called the addition of the Segways a “circus parade.”

Jim Lamont, executive director of the Vail Homeowner’s Association, said that while he’s seen people irresponsibly use the Segways while buses are approaching, the town should continue the experiment.

“I think if it’s an experiment, then it should be allowed to be an experiment,” Lamont said.

The town agreed and extended the ordinance that allows the Segways on town bike and pedestrian paths through Sept. 30, 2010.

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