Vail Pass bike path remains closed

EAGLE COUNTY — The Colorado Department of Transportation is reminding cyclists in Eagle and Summit counties that the Vail bike path remains closed until late May or early June between east Vail, mile marker 180, to Copper Mountain, mile marker 195. There have been multiple reports in the past week of cyclists attempting to ride on the path, which is unsafe due to its current condition.

Although there have been warm temperatures for the last week or so, the Department of Transportation reminds cyclists that many areas of the path are still covered in snow and ice after the late spring storms. Although crews are working daily to clear the path in an attempt to reopen it by Memorial Day, the melting snow and ice create slick conditions and there are also risks for mudslides as the area surrounding the path melts. Furthermore, crews are operating loud snow removal equipment and have difficulty seeing or hearing cyclists who try to navigate the path, adding an extra danger for riders trying to pass through.

In addition to the work of maintenance crews, engineering crews are preparing for a project to begin in late May or early June that will resurface the path from Copper to the summit of Vail Pass and will repair a timber bridge to help improve safety for riders. Although crews may be visible, they are the only individuals authorized to be on the path at this time.

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