Vail Perspective: Changing dialogue changes results |

Vail Perspective: Changing dialogue changes results

Catherine Zeeb
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado “-If we want things to be different in our lives in Colorado’s Vail Valley then we must learn new dialogue ” first, within ourselves and then, with the world.

New dialogue means that you don’t deal with today the same way you dealt with yesterday. Each moment and situation is different and every day is a new day.

Our past experiences help us today only through what we have learned from each experience ” the mistakes and the joys. The past does not define us ” each moment defines us by always growing and changing. Keeping up with the new dialogue in the moment is needed to remain present and conscious. Changing the dialogue will create new outcomes.

When relationships start to go bad, don’t we say to ourselves that we wish things could be different? Don’t we wish we could redo things, and take back things that were spoken, or change the way things have become? This requires new dialogue.

If our thoughts of yesterday create today and our thoughts of today create our tomorrow, then we want to make sure we are paying attention to what we are thinking in each moment. This will require being conscious of where our mind chatter is taking us throughout our day. Once we recognize that we are living in the past, for example, we can make a choice in that moment to move into the present.

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This is changing the way our mind chatter controls our moment. Once we learn to change the dialogue going on in our heads, we can replace it with new dialogue.

Let’s take a look at relationships. When you are in a heated discussion with your partner and you approach the subject from your old place of fear, distrust or panic, then the result can never be different. You will be speaking from the only place you have known and your partner will be listening from the only place they have known ” your past experiences.

If you have begun the work of looking at your mind chatter and being as conscious as you can be in each moment and your partner is doing the same, then the result of a disagreement will be different; Each person will approach the disagreement with new eyes, new ears and a new perspective.

If you change your approach but your partner does not, then you may be speaking with new dialogue but they may be listening from the old place of fear and distrust. This will make a new result more difficult. A new result will be difficult to achieve if your partner does not understand that they don’t have to always have the old results.

You have to recognize what worked for you in the past and what didn’t. If your anger didn’t give you the results you wanted, then it is time for new dialogue. If your fear held you back in your past, then you need new dialogue with yourself about fear.

Trust yourself and try having new conversation with yourself about a situation you need to deal with. Ask yourself how you can say different words or be quiet when you want to talk.

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