Vail Perspective: Clearing mind chatter leads to peace |

Vail Perspective: Clearing mind chatter leads to peace

Catherine Zeeb, PhD
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – It truly is possible to walk around this earth-plane in peace – not in denial or by being a doormat – but in peace.

When the body, mind and spirit are in alignment we have more opportunity to be at peace. When the ego (the mind and personality) is in control and we believe it is our truth, we will feel and identify with the chaos.

The first place to notice the chaos is within our own minds; the private, continual conversations we have going on. I call it our mind-chatter. There is always some conversation happening – it’s rarely quiet. Is your mind filled with peaceful conversations? Or are the conversations full of anger, judgment, despair or worry?

The mind-chaos can be worse than the chaos in our environment. The conversations – about life, our past, our future, who said what, the things we said and did, who’s wearing what and how they look, who’s angry and how it affects us – can cause stress, lack of sleep, anxiety or even illness. These internal conversations can drive us crazy.

Fear is chaos. If we believe that the chaos in our minds is truth, we will attach to the chaos we then create in our immediate world. Living in fear will manifest as anger, judgment, doubt, defensiveness and so much more.

Just when you think things are going well, they fall apart again. Life’s challenges and obstacles will always appear. Within the same day you could have good or bad day. When you find yourself attaching, identifying with or becoming the chaos, there are reminders in our mind and in the world to remain peace.

You may hear something on the radio that helps you remember that it is up to you to change your perspective about what happens in your day, your week, in your head, in your environment and in the world. Or, you may read something that reminds you that all is well, even amidst the chaos.

Breathe. Connect to your higher power – whatever that is for you. Trust. Allow yourself to let go. If we choose to attach to chaos, then we can choose to not attach to it. Move your energy from the negative to the positive.

Breathe more. Meditate more. Feel a moment of peace. Each moment of peace relieves stress. In the midst of what seems like the darkest hours may come a light of hope to remind you to hang on. In the midst of suffering, there is a reminder that we should learn to appreciate the brighter days.

We don’t often find true silence. These are rare breaks from the chaos of our minds and of the life around us. But our perspective about life is a choice. Deciding that you will do everything you can to be peace is a choice for your soul. Recognizing when you are attaching to chaos and choosing to take breath, meditate and relax are things you can do throughout your day.

Exercise your options. There is nothing in this world that holds you to whatever it is you think you should be doing, saying or thinking. You have permission to do, think and say whatever you need to be and live happy. Walk in peace and enjoy it.

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