Vail Perspective: Freedom is about living in the moment |

Vail Perspective: Freedom is about living in the moment

Catherine Zeeb
A New Perspective
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –What does freedom mean to you? Free to live the way you want to? Free to vote? Free to have your individual beliefs?

Have you thought about your freedom to laugh, to smile or to be happy? When was the last time you laughed until you cried? Danced until you were exhausted? Had a tea party with friends just for the heck of it?

Freedom is about living in the moment and not being worried about the past or the future. It is about living without judgment – of self or others. It is not being a victim. It is about being happy.

We have control over our lives. We choose whether we let go enough to laugh until we cry, dance like no one’s watching (even while cleaning house), and learn to love the child that lives within. Remembering the child within is essential to living in the present – it is in the present where joy lives.

If you were told when you were a child that you didn’t draw or color well, you may, even in adulthood, feel that you don’t draw or color well. Maybe you were told that you can’t sing, so you have never found your voice. We all have issues and conditions from our past that we still live in today.

Freedom is understanding that you have choices. Choices are freedom. If you are living with stress and bad memories, if you are wishing the past could have been different or wishing for a better future, you are not free.

Come into the present moment and ask yourself what you can do about any situation right in this moment. If the answer is ‘nothing,’ then you have the freedom of choice in that moment to be OK with what is instead of being stressed about what could have been or what could be.

This does not take away from anything that you need to take care of or heal. What it does is bring you into the present so you can deal with a situation. Dealing with life out of fear, doubt, anger, resentment and judgment, inhibits our healing and takes away our freedom.

Freedom to live in the moment – what a beautiful thing. Draw, paint and color until you can’t do any more. Sing until you loose your voice. Dance until your feet hurt. And, laugh until you cry. This is freedom – don’t let anyone take it away from you.

Catherine Zeeb holds a doctorate of philosophy in metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in Edwards. You can visit her Web site at

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