Vail perspective: Silence is golden |

Vail perspective: Silence is golden

Catherine Zeeb
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – It is important to build up our “bank account” of spiritual energy in the Vail Valley. We use that energy to purify our minds and subtle bodies. The more energy we have in the “bank,” the greater the evolution we will experience on a spiritual level. When we speak, we “spend” our energy – silence helps us with our spiritual growth.

Silence is an extremely powerful spiritual process for developing discipline. It is referred to in terms of space: the cave of the heart, the oasis of quiet, or the inner sanctuary. Silence is used as resting and renewal on the spiritual journey. It provides a way to withdraw from the world; even if for a very short time.

Silence is a prelude to prayer or you can go into silence through meditation to deepen your connection to spirit. You must make room for silence. Not only by finding a place/space in your home for quiet, away from distraction, but also by making space within yourself.

The physical world contrasts with the inner world of silence. We are bombarded daily with noise; external and internal (mind chatter). Silence does not mean that you will be able to completely shut down the chatter, but you will be able to notice it, take a breath and choose to go back to silence.

Silence allows us to focus our attention on deep matters of the heart. It is where we commune with things greater than us. Silence allows us to be in contemplation. It is a mirror reflecting back to us the emptiness that truly exists within us. Fear can arise when we realize how empty we truly are. We tend to believe that we are all the noise within and silence allows that noise to move aside and see the vastness within.

Who are we when we’re not talking, thinking or doing all the time? That can be a scary thought. Who am I? Ask yourself that question. Any answer that begins to actually define you is spoken from the ego. The answer is emptiness.

We fear being alone. We fear solitude. This is our desperate insecurity. All of the things we distract ourselves with to not feel alone only slip us into unconsciousness. The distractions are our way of not being with our divineness.

We need solitude. In solitude we don’t need to re-create the world in our image. We don’t need to arrange our relationships and manipulate people with our words. In solitude, in silence, we connect to the divine.

In silence we learn that we need other people, but not in the way our ego has been telling us that we need them. Too often, we run from loneliness. We fill the loneliness with people and things, hoping the loneliness will go away. It doesn’t usually work because once you’re by yourself, you will feel the loneliness again and start planning your next adventure to fill it once more.

Silence means being still so that we can hear the voice that searches our hearts and minds. We must quiet our hearts and mouths if we are to listen to the voice of divine. We must not be at the demands of the world, which do not go away easily. When we are silent, we cannot manipulate or control our outer world. We will see the beauty of their soul instead of their bank account or physical body.

In silence, we no longer need people to pay attention to us. We are free from the suffocating chains of isolation as we recognize that we are not alone in this world.

Catherine-Zeeb holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Metaphysics. She has a private therapy practice in-Edwards. You can visit her Web site at

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