Vail perspective: Spirituality is about expansion, exploration |

Vail perspective: Spirituality is about expansion, exploration

Catherine Zeeb
Vail CO Colorado

I live a spiritual life.

I do not live a religious life, at least not by society’s or any church’s definition. I don’t attend a particular church nor do I follow the Bible, again, as far as how it is interpreted by religion’s standards.

My journey into spirituality has manifested from a belief that there’s so much more than only that which has been written and “man’s” interpretation of such. That is my journey, what’s yours? Do you walk in this world knowing what your truth is about your spirituality? Do you live what you talk? Do you live what you read or study?

Spirituality allows for exploration of expansiveness with no boundaries. Religion usually discourages exploration and defines the boundaries. Neither is right or wrong.

Spirituality encompasses the whole soul’s journey. It connects the metaphysical reality that is greater than oneself. Spirituality is concerned with matters of psychological health and to activate the potential of the human being. When working in a spiritual practice, one seeks to become free of the ego and more in tuned to one’s true self.

A spiritual practice can take on many forms and is a very personal pursuit. The quest for the divine, oneness, or the universe, comes from within. We are all spiritual beings and knowing one’s true self is its essence. Finding peace within rather than from the outside world awakens us to our path.

Our spiritual practice comes from a daily routine. Examples of a daily practice include, but not limited to, compassion, gratitude, forgiveness and meditation. Learn a new practice and become familiar with it – allow it to become a part of your life and be gentle with yourself if you fall back on old ways.

Living a spiritual life asks you to explore and believe in the vastness of the answers. People who are spiritual may or may not use the words of religion writings. They may find these words too confining in a world of exploration. This does not indicate that they don’t believe in god, just that the words do not define their beliefs.

Accepting the importance of spirituality can be a healthy decision. A spiritual practice tends to include habits that promote healthy living. One who decides to live a spiritual life may look at how they eat, what they eat and how they honor their body. It involves an awareness of the moment – involving all that we do in our day.

See the interconnectedness of things. The awareness that we are all one and everything around us is connected opens our souls to how big we truly are. Walking a spiritual path asks us to stand tall, to connect and not to live small.

The only thing that stops you from deciding to live a spiritual life is the ego. Ego will convince you that you should continue to live your life the way you have been; that change would be too hard. The truth is that the way you’ve done things for so long may have or may be creating dullness or repetitive obstacles in your life. It is time for a change and a new awareness.

Remember, the mind (ego) loves to live in time, identifying with the past and the present. It will resist the moment and always try to convince you that what happened before or what you want to happen in the future is truth. A spiritual life is in this moment because all is healed and changed in this moment, not the past or the future.

Living a spiritual life does not mean you “get” something. It is a journey, not a destination and you must learn to “walk your talk.” No one needs to know about your spiritual journey – but your actions will demonstrate your truth and your spiritual life. When someone recognizes a change in you, smile and say “thank you” – no explanation is necessary.

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