Vail perspective: You’re wiser when your kids have kids |

Vail perspective: You’re wiser when your kids have kids

Catherine Zeeb
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –I became a grandmother for the second time this past weekend. What a gift children are in our lives and, wow, what a gift grandchildren are.

Our children – we watch them as they begin to teethe, walk and run. They change right before our eyes every moment.

We may feel we miss many of their developments because we are so busy with our own lives. Our children spend time with day-care workers, babysitters and teachers. We do our best and we can only do what we know to do. We are always concerned for their safety and try to make sure they are cared for and loved every day.

Before you know it, they graduate high school. Then go off to college or begin working in the real world. Time flies when you have children. They are little time clocks right in front of our faces, showing us how fast a lifetime really passes us by.

So, now my son is married with two children of his own. When did this happen? Where was I while his world began to change and grow?

I was, of course, living my own existence. I didn’t miss too many of his changes – I supported him where he was and what he was doing no matter what. I loved him in his difficult times and loved him in his successes – I just couldn’t be there every moment, but would not have wanted me to be.

It is incredible to watch these little lives. It is even more amazing to participate in it, of course. When you have children you do tend to watch as much as you participate because you are awed by the progress of this little being growing right in front of your eyes.

Then grandchildren come along. What an amazing journey this is. You can enjoy them even more – not only because you may not see them as often as you saw your children, but because you are wiser as well. You have lived more, loved more and felt more happiness and grief. You have tons to offer these new little souls.

Each moment in our lives is there for us to look at who we are, what our truth is and how we live that truth. If you feel you made mistakes with your own children, you can at any momentdemonstrate with them how you have chosen to make changes in your life. You can definitely demonstrate your truth to your grandchildren.

Love your children. Tell them everyday how much you love and appreciate them. Even if they’re having a bad day or a difficult time in life, tell them how much you love them. They are not perfect and neither are you. See their soul – not the ego that is driving them into difficulty.

Watching the next generation grow up has me asking questions about my own life. Am I living the best life I possibly can? If I die tomorrow, have I loved and laughed enough? Have I given myself the best of me and if not, am I willing to start doing so today?

I can’t control nor raise my son’s children, but I can love them and be there for them – be Grandma Cathy. Enjoy each moment as your children grow because when you turn around, they’ll be grown and having children of their own.

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