Vail pets: Fireworks can freak dogs out |

Vail pets: Fireworks can freak dogs out

Nadine Lober
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – The time has come, Vail Valley, to watch those great sparks in the sky on the 4th of July. Unfortunately, most of our pets do not share this joyous time.

Because our pets hear sounds at different octaves, and do not understand the reason for the loud bangs in the sky, they freak out. Usually, as our pets – especially dogs – get older, the noises seem to bother them a lot more.

Some dogs if left alone have been known to jump over high fences, dig under fences and jump through windows to escape the noise, only to wonder the streets lost and disoriented. Others locked in the house can get so scared as to urinate and defecate indoors.

There are different drugs – medical tranquilizers, herbal remedies – that can calm your dog. Try these medications ahead of time to make sure that they calm your dog and that he does not suffer any side effects.

Remember that there are usually some smaller fireworks set off in the late afternoon of the 4th in many neighborhoods. If your dog is alone in the house, it can help to leave music playing.

Other measures you can take include making sure all your windows are closed, not leaving your dog outdoors, finding a baby-sitter or leaving your dog with another pet who is not scared of fireworks to give your dog confidence.

But sometimes it is best to leave your dog at a friend’s house far away from the fireworks or stay home with your dog.

Veterinarian Dr. Nadine Lober can be reached at 970-949-7972

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