Vail photographer Matt Inden celebrates new images Friday |

Vail photographer Matt Inden celebrates new images Friday

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For local photographer Matt Inden, the next step is almost always a challenging one. That’s not just because it’s hard to make it as a landscape photographer, and it’s not because hiking, climbing or skiing to the right location can often be difficult, even dangerous.

It’s also because of the camera.

“There are some obvious inconveniences to the camera … the size, the weight, the limited amount of film available,” Inden said. “And it’s also a slow, methodical process, so you can miss moments. That’s the beauty of it – and the curse of it.”

The camera itself looks like something pulled from the pages of history, and in a way, it is. The large-format view camera was built in the early 1950s from an age-old design (think Ansel Adams) and operates using accordion-style bellows and hand cranks for focusing.

Inden uses modern lenses, and the 8-by-10-inch piece of film, to create an image quality that is still unsurpassed, even in today’s high-tech, digital era.

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All this makes it worth carrying the camera to places around the country and right here in the Rocky Mountains, where Inden makes his images.

It’s also helped him establish a name in landscape photography. Inden’s first gallery opened in 2010 in Lionshead, across from the Arrabelle, next to the French Deli in Vail.

Inden will be hosting an image-release party Friday at his gallery from 4 to 7 p.m., open to the public. Several new images, made this autumn in the Rocky Mountains, as well as the East Coast, will be revealed, and tapas will be served.

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