Vail pilates director doubles as DJ |

Vail pilates director doubles as DJ

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail DailyAngela Muzic, aka dj ANGiE MUZiC, is a Cleveland, Ohio native who moved to Vail in 2006 to snowboard. As the pilates director at the Cascade Club, she calls her DJ life her "alter ego."

VAIL, COlorado –Most DJ’s spend a fair amount of time trying to come up with a clever stage name, but Vail’s Angela Muzic, one of the few female spinners around, was born with one. She admits dj ANGiE MUZiC sounds a bit cheesy – until you hear it’s her real name, “then it becomes highly appropriate,” she said.

One of her earliest memories, she said, is of sitting two-inches from the television, watching Michael Jackson on MTV.

“I was just captivated by his dance and music,” she said. “I was the kid that always wanted to watch music videos rather than cartoons, even from a very young age.”

While Muzic spun at Vendetta’s, Whiskey Jack’s and the Sandbar in Vail this past winter, Friday night will mark her first gig at Paddy’s in Eagle-Vail. She answered a few questions for the Vail Daily.

1. What’s it like being one a woman in an industry that’s been dominated by men? Do you think that’s changing?

Angela Muzic: It is definitely changing. In the cities, it isn’t uncommon to book a female DJ. This has changed very much over the past 10 years though, which is making it more competitive for females to book gigs.

2. Is there a particular DJ that inspires you?

AM: One artist in particular that boggles my mind both lyrically and musically is Aesop Rock. He is truly a puzzle. Or anybody off the rhymesayers (indy hip hop) label. I like what they rhyme about and their beats are sick.

3. VD: How did you get your start in the industry?

AM: My first live DJ gig was here in the valley almost three years ago at Garfinkel’s in Lionshead as “The diva muzic project.” My first job here was a waitress at Garfinkel’s. Garfinkel’s isn’t your typical night club atmosphere, but they do book DJ’s here and there. Being out of college, I was finally in a financial situation to get set up as a DJ. So I asked Mike D (the owner) if I could play there after I got set up and he gave me Saturday nights for the winter. It was an awesome first experience! We pulled a small crowd, but it gave me the chance to play live in front of real people, to feel what it is like to make some mistakes and keep on moving.

4. VD: Why should people come see your show?

AM: To have fun with friends! To have a good time and to be happy! Isn’t that what life is all about?

5. VD: How do you differ from the other DJ’s out there?-

AM: Technically, I can read and write music in time and notes and that is how I break music apart. I think it gives me an edge, especially when I hear a song I have never heard for the first time, to be able to break it down almost instantly in my head with the visualization of real notes.

6. VD: What kind of music do you play?

AM: In the past two years of learning mixers and records and digital music, I have developed a great respect for electronic DJ’s, particularly those heavy on the bass. On many levels, the good ones are composers, so that is the direction I find myself when I am messing around at home. But if you come out to see me at the club, you will hear a mix of underground hip hop, dub, reggae, electronic, popular rap and top 40 (for the ladies of course, me being one!)

7. Is there anything we didn’t ask that we should know about you?

AM: You can contact me at for booking or questions.

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