Vail Pioneers Weekend hits capacity |

Vail Pioneers Weekend hits capacity

Randy Wyrick

Packy Walker, one of the organizers for Vail Pioneers Weekend, Sept. 20-22, says they could accommodate between 500 and 700 people for the weekend. Any more than that, he says, and local authorities get involved for stuff like putting too many people in a VW Beetle.

They also have stories, legends and tales.

Among them:

Vail is in; Aspen is out

The Dallas Morning News declares Vail is in and Aspen is out. The Lone Star State’s most esteemed publication declares Aspen is overrun with celebrity star-watchers, gawkers and Hunter S. Thompson groupies.

Aspen, of course, insists it is down, but not out. A new Aspen Resort Association hopes to boost business in the town in which Claudine Longet shot Spyder Sabich, where Thompson ran for sheriff, where Ted Bundy escaped from jail by starving himself until he was thin enough to slip between the bars but was too weak to run away and was recaptured, and where John Denver first said “far out.”

Follow the bouncing boulder

The Vail Town Council once postponed an ordinance that would have required notifying property buyers they were buying property in geographically sensitive areas, such as those threatened by landslides or rockfall – places like the Booth Creek Falls area, where there were lots of homes for sale and lots of commissions to be earned.

The decision to postpone came as an organized contingent from the Vail Board of Realtors staged a last-minute grandstand play to delay the ordinance. Mayor Paul Johnston cast the only opposing vote.

A week or so later, the council passes a different version of the ordinance.

The Denver Post weighed in with an editorial – which the Vail Daily ran on its front page – stating: “Maybe we’re naive, but isn’t a worse stigma when local officials keep quiet about slide-prone hillsides in order to promote real estate sales?”

Lies, damned lies and lie detectors

Speaking of possible skullduggery, there’s the time Vail Associates ordered lie detector tests, questioning some managers in the company’s central Beaver Creek kitchen about drug use and accepting kickbacks from food purveyors. Four managers resigned.

Enchiladas R Us

Matt Martinez and several of his good buddies once set a new world record for the longest enchilada, a cheese monstrosity measuring 158 yards. Martinez owned Matt’s Cafe and made the world-record enchilada on the Vail Golf Course. A native of Texas, he said he made a yard of enchilada for each year the Lone Star State is old – 150 years at the time.

Score is why they play

Colorado newspaper readers once disagreed with a poll by advice columnist Ann Landers, who said hugging and kissing can be a substitute for sex. Almost 70 percent of those responding said they wanted sex, not just the preliminaries. Of those responding, 66 percent were women.

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