Vail positive thinking: Iron sharpens iron |

Vail positive thinking: Iron sharpens iron

VAIL, Colorado –A famous proverb, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens the other,” is easily translated today into “as iron sharpens iron, let one friend or co-worker sharpen the other.”

One of the best practices I have observed recently is how some in the sales and business community are practicing this very concept, sometimes even with real or perceived competitors.

Healthy communication, cooperation, and collaboration between business owners, leaders, management, and sales professionals are helping companies and organizations identify meaningful solutions to productivity and revenue-generating challenges.

As individuals we make decisions every day on the best ways to approach our business, both strategically and tactically. Separately, we make these decisions in a silo, not knowing for sure if it is the absolute best path to success.

Collectively, by openly discussing the common challenges and business threats, we are sure to pick up new and creative ideas that have helped others meet with success.

Sales professionals struggling lately to meet quota would do themselves a huge favor by spending time with other sales professionals who are having success, listening to and observing their sales calls to pick up new word tracks and sound bites that they could incorporate into their own message.

Conversely, sales professionals could also ask their peers or management to spend some time observing and listening to their sales presentations to see where they could make some changes and modifications that could result in more sales.

Sounds simple, right? But common sense isn’t always common practice, and sometimes we take the little things for granted in the urgent and aggressive pursuit of business.

It’s like continuing with a bad golf swing that keeps getting worse. Going to the driving range day after day to fix the problem by yourself when there is a qualified golf pro inside the shop who just may have the answer to the bad swing that has gotten progressively worse with each new bad habit you have added in your rush to go it alone.

As iron sharpens iron, so let friends and coworkers sharpen each other. Although training programs may have been cut, there is no shortage of access to self-directed training. If you have found a great book, video, or audio program that works for you, share it with others helping them meet and exceed their own goals. A byproduct and one of the very best ways to stay positive during a challenging or difficult time is to help others around us grow and achieve success.

Who can help you this week, or better yet, who can you help make stronger? What are some of the ways you have found to develop others? Let me know at and make it a better than good week!

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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