Vail pro skier Tyson Bolduc answers 7 questions |

Vail pro skier Tyson Bolduc answers 7 questions

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail Daily/Mike Schirf

VAIL, Colorado –Don’t expect Vail skier Tyson Bolduc, 27, to repeat the cliche saying, “I came for the winter but stayed for the summer.” Instead, this Vail native is one of those people who lives for the snow-spewing months.

“The time between summer and winter is a long and arduous waiting period for those yearning for snow,” he said.

Bolduc, whose past and present sponsorships include Spyder, Leki and La Sportiva, has been skiing for most of his life. You can see him making some turns – and maybe even jumping off some cliffs -in the new ski film “Declaration,” by Two Plank Productions. The film is premiering at the Sandbar in West Vail Friday at 8 p.m. Though Bolduc now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he’s attending flight school, he’s making the trek home for the premiere. He took some time to answer a few questions for the Vail Daily.

Vail Daily: Why do you think the annual snowboard/skiing films are an important fall event?

Tyson Bolduc: Action sports videos are important for many reasons, but most of all it gets people excited for the upcoming season while showing the progression of the sport. The time between summer and winter is a long and arduous waiting period for those yearning for snow and these ski and snowboard films get people’s hearts pounding and motivated for the season. Films from the previous season keeps people’s hopes high and ambitions alive through the time of low light and dismal snow.

VD: Where do you live now?

TB: Right now I am living in Salt Lake City, Utah and going to flight school to fly helicopters and pursuing skiing in the Mormon holy lands.

VD: Tell me about your part in the new film. Where was your part filmed?

TB: My part in the film was rather slim this season because I missed the majority of the season due to injury. However, we were able to travel all over Colorado, from Crested Butte to Vail to Aspen, and places like Utah, Wyoming, Canada, and everywhere in between, which made the season great.

VD: Anything interesting happen while shooting?

TB: Well, my season started out pretty rough and maybe interesting too, but the first day we were able to get into the backcountry to do some filming back in December I broke some ribs. I was skiing a line with a 50-foot cliff at the bottom, but when I landed, it was clear something was wrong. So, I spent the next eight weeks on the couch.

VD: Have you seen the film in full yet? What’s your favorite part?

TB: Unfortunately, I have not been able to see the film yet. So, I am anxious, but I have been told by others that the Two Plank crew did a great job with the material they had this year.

VD: Where was the film shot specifically on Vail Mountain?

TB: Well, we did a lot of shooting in the back bowls during an event last spring, but other then that the rest was in the backcountry.

VD: Did anyone else from Vail participate in the film?

TB: There was some participation from Connor Walberg, Claudia Bouvier, Matt Luczkow, and a few others, but we will have to wait and see what was put into the movie as I am not really sure just yet.

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