Vail Rec is working out |

Vail Rec is working out

Don Rogers

This ought to be a no-brainer: Have outstanding recreational opportunities in a resort town.Well, it looks like Vail has returned to that focus over the past year or so.The nadir for the Vail Recreation District came last year with ex-Mayor Kent Rose calling for the district to be disbanded and absorbed into the town.The district’s leaders had failed to file the paperwork to begin collecting a tax increase the voters had approved. Oops.The district was at odds with the town leadership. The sniping might have been fun for irresponsible observers such as newspaper pundits. But it hurt the community built on recreation.But talk about quick recoveries since then. This is last-to-first lore. The stuff of legend.The recreation district’s board made a couple of standout decisions at that point. One was looking inside the district and putting Mike Ortiz in charge. The next was hiring Ken Marchetti to work some of his same fiscal magic for the district that keeps a bunch of Metro Districts going.Both worked wonders. The recreation district has righted the financial ship and has a well-known and respected leader at the helm.Ortiz has done much to reach out to the town government. And Town Manager Stan Zemler likewise has reached across a chasm to work with the district.The winners in all this are the locals and visitors who don’t care about the politics of it all but just want to play ball, hike, run or take part in the myriad activities the district offers. Vail, Colorado

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