Vail Recreation District board chairman excited about programs |

Vail Recreation District board chairman excited about programs

Ken Wilson
Vail, CO, Colorad

On behalf of the Vail Recreation District, I would like to thank the Vail Valley community, including but not limited to our residents, guests, program participants and partners for contributing to a successful 2008.

Each year, we strive to exceed our mission in offering diverse and exceptional recreation opportunities that enhance the physical, social and emotional well-being of the VRD’s residents and guests. Top highlights throughout 2008 extend from planning and partnerships and environmental stewardship to safety and economic sustainability. A review of these top accomplishments is available on our Web site at

In July, we were pleased to announce authorization of new agreements with our partners at the town of Vail. These agreements outline repairs and replacement needs for town-owned facilities and areas, including the Vail Golf Club, Vail Tennis Center, Dobson Ice Arena, Ford Park athletic fields and VRD Youth Services in the Lionshead parking structure.

The agreements also continue to allow the VRD to operate programs and services out of these town-owned facilities, a crucial component that allows us to accomplish our mission.

The first of many projects initiated between the town and VRD through these agreements is the renovation to the Vail Golf Club’s 40-year-old irrigation system. Construction on the irrigation system will begin in mid-April and, once completed, it will substantially reduce water and energy usage, better prepare the golf course should a drought occur and decrease the amount of preparation time needed to open the course in the spring.

A special thank you to Vail Town Manager Stan Zemler, Assistant Town Manager Pam Brandmeyer, Town Attorney Matt Mire, Vail Public Works Director Greg Hall, Judy Camp and Kathleen Halloran with the town’s finance department, various other town staff and our peers on the Vail Town Council for continuation of this partnership and working with us to make projects such as the irrigation renovation feasible. We’re looking forward to new opportunities and working together as a community for many years to come.

As we kick off 2009, we’re excited to see the return or expansion of many programs and offerings for Vail Valley residents and guests. Whether you’re a child or an adult, we hope you explore the various recreation opportunities available to you at Dobson Ice Arena, Vail Golf Club, with VRD Youth Services, at the Ford Park Tennis Center, Vail Nature Center, Vail Gymnastics Center and with VRD Sports. We have something for nearly everyone to enjoy, and we look forward to helping you pursue your recreational passions.

We invite you to learn more at or to make your opinions heard at our VRD Board meetings, held at 5 p.m. the second and fourth Thursday of the month in the Vail Town Council chambers.

Ken Wilson

Chair of the Vail Recreation District board of directors

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