Vail Red, White & Brew: Avery’s Anniversary Ale is different |

Vail Red, White & Brew: Avery’s Anniversary Ale is different

Vail Daily staff reportVail, CO Colorado

A lot of craft breweries celebrate special occasions with big, bold beers, usually hopped up like a Honda Civic in the hands of a crazed tuner. Avery’s Anniversary Ale is different.Oh, it packs a punch – nearly 7.7 percent alcohol by volume – but this ale is a spring tea party compared to a lot of anniversary beers. It’s cloudy, but springtime yellow, like a diluted daffodil. And it’s flavored with light-hearted additions: jasmine flowers, peaches and honey.The result is cloudy, bubbly, and flat-out delicious.That shouldn’t be a surprise, though. Avery Brewing – now 16 years old and spunky as a colt – is one of the best breweries in the state, and the brewmasters there are capable of just about any style they want to tackle, from heavy-hitters like the company’s Dictator beers to the uber-refreshing White Rascal Belgian-style ale.This anniversary ale has a lot in common with White Rascal, starting with the Belgian yeast. The cloudy color is there, as is the flavor. Only, as you’d expect from a special occasion brew, there’s more here.Those new flavors blend into a nice, dry, bubbly brew. The bubbles, in fact, are a little bit like sparkling wine. And isn’t that always welcome at an anniversary party? The only thing missing is cake. And maybe some of those soft mint thingies.You can find this beer at Avon Liquor and Village Warehouse Wines in Avon.Scott N. Miller, Daily Staff Writer

There’s nothing better than a juicy, succulent piece of beef complemented by a velvety glass of cabernet sauvignon, especially when the wine doesn’t cost more than the meat. That’s what you get with McWilliams Hanwood Estate Cabernet Sauvignon – value and satisfaction. McWilliams Cab is a sexy wine that delivers a long finish on the palate. It’s the perfect addition to a home-cooked dinner, and the wine offers easy-drinking long after you devour your last bite of food.The bottle opens up beautifully, sending out aromas of berries and black currant, with touches of vanilla and oak. A purplish-red color adds to the wine’s depth, which lingers on the tongue after every sip. The long finish is the perfect accompaniment to both spicy and sweet flavors – from rich duck preparations to simply prepared beef dishes, the wine won’t disappoint as a food pairing. Don’t be afraid to skip the food all together, as this flavorful wine drinks wonderfully by itself. It’s light enough to pop open on a summer day, yet it’s extremely versatile as a winter wine-sipper as well.The Australian-produced wine is a result of a difficult harvest from the 2007 growing season. The South Eastern Australia wine region experienced drought, frost and bush fires that year, but the season turned out to be dry and mild in temperature, which led to some nice grapes indeed.Drink this wine soon for the most intense fresh fruit flavors.You can find this wine at Alpine Wine & Spirits in West Vail.- Lauren Glendenning, Daily staff writer

South America’s best white wines are neither its chardonnays nor its sauvignon blancs but the crisp, clear, bone-dry and wonderfully fresh wines from the otherwise obscure torrontes grape that come from the vineyards of Argentina. This torrontes, from Cafayate Valley, is both lively and complex, delivering flavors of lime, pear, kiwi, minerals and sweet peas with laser-like clarity. Serve with white-fleshed fish or shellfish.Visit for more information. Michael Dresser, L.A. Times/Washington Post News Service

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