Vail Red, White & Brew: Evodia is a bottle to remember |

Vail Red, White & Brew: Evodia is a bottle to remember

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Altovinum Evodia Garnacha is an affordable Spanish red for Vail wine enthusiasts

VAIL, Colorado Altovinum Evodia Garnacha is an affordable Spanish red; Bogles Sauvignon Blanc is one to keep on hand for drop-in Vail Valley visitors and Koningshoeven Tripel is beer for celebrating

Well, its a good thing they put this excellent Garnacha in a purdy, memorable bottle: Who can remember that name? You might remember this bottle, though, after giving it a test drive. Another one from high altitude vineyards (3,000 feet), the Evodia hails from the Aragon region of Spain the mountain village of Atea in the Sistema Ibrico mountain range, to be more specific. Garnacha (or Grenache) is often used as a blend grape, but this bottle is 100 percent Garnacha and sees no oak. As a result, the Garnacha gets center stage, revealing the fact that its charms need not be diluted with other grapes. The Evodia kicks out a bold and bright array of fruit thats not overly complex. Easy drinking, this saucy Spaniard has light tannins at the top and a good bottom full of berry and spice. As reds go, its somewhere between a Pinot Noir and a Cab on the dryness scale not exactly a wine that screams summer! but theres no reason you wouldnt break it out to go with anything off the grill on a cool summer night.Then again, this bottle needs nothing to accompany it other than, say, a glass. Enjoy it very slightly chilled and give thanks that its modest price will afford many a repeat visit.You can find this wine at Avon Liquor and Pier 13 Liquor in Eagle-Vail. Alex Miller, Summit Daily Editor

In marketing speak, this is value wine. Heaven forbid you call it cheap. But, along with being affordable, Bogles Sauvignon Blanc is a tasty spring sipper. All the usual adjectives used to describe Sauvignon Blanc fit here: vibrant, crisp and refreshing with nice citrus flavors. Its a nice bottle to keep in the fridge to share with unexpected guests. I popped one open last week on just such an occasion and the wine was nice alone as well as alongside a broiled artichoke with lemon butter sauce. Its good to note that this wine would likely taste good and pair well with nearly whatever you have planned for dinner: grilled fish and vegetables, shrimp pasta or even some spicier fare like a nice green curry. While the Bogle winery is located south of Sacramento, in Clarksburg, Calif., the grapes used to make the sauv blanc are grown further south, in Monterey and in the Russian River Valley. The Bogle family begain farming in the mid-1800s but didnt plant their first wine grapes until the late 1960s, establishing the winery some 10 years later. While the wine retails for around $10 or $11, West Vail Liquor Mart has it on sale this month for $7.99. You can find this at West Vail Liquor Mart and Eagle Ranch Wine & Spirits, Caramie Schnell, High Life Editor

Praise the lord and pass the Koningshoeven …Theres a long tradition of Trappist monks making beer to support their spiritual pursuits. Some of those beers date back to the 14th century or earlier. The monks of Koningshoeven have come relatively late to the game, starting their beer-brewing ministry in 1884. But these monks are following closely in the footprints of their mostly-Belgian brothers. Koningshoevens ales are brewed with the stuff youd expect from a monk-brewed beer top-fermenting yeast, loads of malt and a variety of hops to create full-bodied, beery goodness.For those raised in close proximity to really, really strict Protestants archetypically, Baptists the idea of men of the cloth brewing the Devils Elixir may sound odd. But most Catholics even priests dont mind a nip or two. And, for the Trappist brothers at the monasteries that brew beer, the craft of brewing is a kind of devotion. Think of the cloistered brothers who painstakingly copied and elaborately lettered the scriptures. It was done as not only a way of creating more copies of the Bible, but also as an act of faith, getting an early pursuit done as perfectly as possible. Some did it to get closer to the Almighty; others did it as a way of focusing the physical to free up the spirit.Its been noted here before that the secret of great beer is doing your best to perfect a fairly simple process. And in that, the monks of Koningshoeven absolutely have it going on.This is beer for celebrating. It comes with a cork and a wire basket to hold it, as does champagne. Opening a bottle takes skill, and rewards those who do with a finely-bubbled head and a taste that will have most drinkers pausing after the first sip to say, Oh my, thats really good!While youre enjoying your Koningshoeven, though, give a thought or two to the process that brought it to you men dedicated not just to a craft or art, but to the spriritual act of creating something people will enjoy.Amen, brothers.You can find this beer at Riverwalk Wine & Spirits in Edwards.Scott N. Miller, Daily Staff Writer

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