Vail resident worries about friends in Mumbai |

Vail resident worries about friends in Mumbai

Lynn Marie Bauman
Vail, CO, Colorado

As you give thanks on this holiday, please take time and think of my friends and fellow crew members who are being held hostage at The Oberai Hotel in Bombay tonight as I write.

All the trips I flew to Bombay (Mumbai), I stayed at the truly world-class Oberoi Hotel, ate dozens of lunches at Leopold’s Cafe, and walked past the Colaba Police Department in The Colaba Market.

The Leopold’s Cafe and the Colaba Market was a frequented place for me, the saffron street dealers knew me by name.

The man who had no legs, and wore flip flops on his hands to propel his skateboard to and fro would see me coming in the morning. This man knew I would either buy food, or bring food to him. This man, on his skateboard, would hold the food bags in his teeth and take the food I gave him to share with the children in his street family.

The reports I have are that the captain of the NWA crew went down into the lobby, there were bodies and bloodshed everywhere, and he immediately went back to get his crew of pilots and flight attendants together to keep them safe.

I do not know the status of all of my fellow crewmembers in the hostage situation.

I am grateful to have belonged to a group of co-workers who stick together, in good times and bad. It is rare occurrence for any colleagues today.

Yes, indeed, we were “pod” people, but we stuck together.

Support one another, stick together, and rather than create hate, hostility and divisiveness create unity. Once a crew member, always a crew member.

And for everyone, it is true: United we stand, divided we fall.

Lynn Marie Bauman


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