Vail Resorts agrees to shut down BB&B |

Vail Resorts agrees to shut down BB&B

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The Forest Service has officially asked Vail Resorts to shut down BB&B, a quarter-century-old, annual end-of-the-year party held on Minnie’s Deck on Vail Mountain.The party has always been an unofficial rite of spring. Drinking, drug use, fireworks, and costumes have defined the party, which officials say has grown out of control in recent years.The Forest Service’s Cal Wettstein is spearheading the effort to close down the party, and Vail Mountain COO says the resort will cooperate with his request to shut down the party even if folks try to have it elsewhere on the mountain.”It has been a long-held tradition in Vail and I like tradition,” he said. “But over the past several yeas it’s developed a life of its own. We acknowledge the Forest Service concerns and we’re going to cooperate.”– Vail Trail staff

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