Vail Resorts says Cascade Crossing is not under contract

Building houses Vail businesses between Lionshead and Cascade villages

A view of the Cascade Crossing business area in Vail on Wednesday.
John LaConte/Vail Daily

Cascade Crossing is not for sale, Vail Resorts has confirmed.

Cascade Crossing, a group of buildings owned by Vail Resorts, is located at 1031 S. Frontage Road between the Lionshead and Cascade villages in Vail.

In recent weeks, Vail Resorts has expressed concern that the status of the building has been the subject of misinformation following the publication of a column (printed in the Vail Daily Feb. 7) in which local resident Kaye Ferry wrote that she had “found out that Vail Resorts is under contract to sell Cascade Crossing.”

Vail Resorts has responded, stating unequivocally that the building is not for sale. The company did not offer any speculation as to how the confusion occurred.

“Cascade Crossing is not under contract, nor for sale,” said Vail Mountain spokesperson John Plack.

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Cascade Crossing houses local businesses, and Vail Mountain uses a portion of the building for its mail room and employee uniform store.

Workers in Cascade Crossing told the Vail Daily they also heard rumors of the building’s sale but had not received any confirmation. Businesses in the area did not provide a statement from the Vail Daily upon request.

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