Vail Resorts suspends operations of TV8

After nearly three decades, TV8 is going off the air. Vail Resorts issued this statement Thursday afternoon, which was also posted on the TV8 website.

“We have been proud to serve the Vail Valley with TV8 programming for 28 years. Unfortunately, the station has experienced financial declines in recent years due to the changing media landscape. TV8 now faces additional economic challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we have decided to suspend the operations of TV8 for the coming year, effective July 17, 2020, and intend to review options for the future. As a company, we remain focused on our core business of operating our world-class mountain resorts as we strive to provide guests with an experience of a lifetime. We are grateful to our viewers and advertisers and sincerely thank all TV8 employees for their contributions to our community.”

TV8 was popular with both locals and visitors with its a.m. broadcast “Good Morning Vail,” which began in 1990.

In 2014, Vail Resorts inked a deal with Comcast to air Good Morning Vail across the state, putting the show in 900,000 households in Colorado.

In more recent years, TV8 used social media to increase its live broadcast capabilities. The network’s last Facebook live post was on March 14 with host Eric Sundblad interviewing a Denver spa owner.

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Posted by TV8 Vail on Saturday, March 14, 2020

Sundblad said he opted not to stay with the company after getting laid off in March.

“TV8 holds a special place in my heart and though I’m not shocked at the news of its closing, there is a huge pit of sadness in my stomach at hearing the news,” Sundblad said Thursday. “When I think back at my time over three years at TV8 outside of the fun memories of producing live TV and the shenanigans that inevitably ensue I can’t help but be left with the predominate feeling of ‘what if?’ What if we allowed our incredibly talented team of hosts, producers and camera operators to create unique content? What if we had shows specifically targeted at locals? What if we branched out into short form videos or podcasts or embraced new media? While the current COVID pandemic certainly played the largest factor in causing the sudden shutdown of TV8 Vail, a hard lesson is there to be learned, if you’re not making moves you’re standing still.”

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