Vail rib ripples continue |

Vail rib ripples continue

EAGLE COUNTY, Colorado – Not since God extracted a rib from Adam has that chunk of meat caused so much upheaval.

A couple stories about Michelle Obama’s dinner entree Saturday night in Vail generated hundreds of thousands of Web hits, and became the target of talk shows and blogs around the globe.

Obama had all sorts of salad-type stuff and a 5-ounce braised short rib. Kelly Liken, who launched Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail, says it has about 600 calories.

Thousands of comments, hundreds of e-mails and several phone calls over the past two days have alleged hypocrisy and have accused the Vail Daily of at least six of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Many are thoughtful and well reasoned. Others, well … not so much.

Here’s a sample:

• “Nobody has a problem with Michelle’s diet but, like the typical limousine liberal, it’s do what I say not what I do. Vail is loaded with the type so I’m sure she fits right in,” wrote Mark Shrader.

• Harry Billado points out that Restaurant Kelly Liken’s menu lists the rib dish as bison, not beef, and that bison is a much leaner meat. “However, no matter how you ‘cut’ it, (no pun intended) a short-rib is never a lean cut,” Billado wrote.

• Greg Scott, of Phoenix, says we missed the point entirely regarding why liberty-loving conservatives would comment on the FLOTUS diet.

• “The point is that she’s lecturing the rest of the country … but, as a family, the Obamas are not only failing to practice what they preach, but are making regular public displays of their lack of fealty to their self-professed principles, and typically do so extravagantly, in a way the unwashed masses could not possibly afford. In-your-face hypocrisy by the Intruders-in-Chief is what sticks in our collective craw, not the mere consumption of short ribs,” Scott wrote.

• “Yeah, right. 600 calories. And I just heard the Pope converted to Buddhism,” wrote Edward M. Healion from New York City.

• “I like salt, I like butter, I like meat and have no interest in a government, through regulation, making any of those products more expensive or less available than the market would otherwise dictate,” wrote Tom Flynn. “It is like discovering the carbon footprint of Al Gore or some other global warming alarmist who still believes that CO2 drives temperature and not the other way around.

And finally this from Samuel Titensor, of Thayne, Wyo:

“Greetings from that vast right wing conspiracy group.”

“After reading your article I was taken aback on what a little pixie dust will do! Let me explain. I run a little, it helps keep my weight down. After running about three miles, I can see my treadmill tells me I have burned less than 500 calories. So if I need to burn 6,000 calories, I will need to run, what, 36 miles. Close to 1 1/2 marathons. Maybe some professional athletes, but I really doubt a 40-something mother of two puts out anywhere near that effort. As for the claim that a serving of short ribs only contains 600 calories … I have also butchered a little in my youth and know when the fat is being pulled over my eyes.

“I have noticed that today there seem to be a lot of liberals telling lies to justify the actions of our current president and his allies. I compare this to Tinkerbell sprinkling pixie dust. So keep sprinkling that pixie dust, Randy, or you could become a real journalist and start reporting what we conservatives call reality.”

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