Vail Shell tow truck driver’s the best |

Vail Shell tow truck driver’s the best

Tom LaPlante
Eagle-Vail, CO, Colorado

I just wanted to give a public pat on the back to Chris, the tow truck driver from the Vail Shell who helped me get unstuck recently on I-70. I could tell it was an incredibly tough night for you, and I have nothing but respect after watching you work in very trying circumstances.

I am sure all the other motorists you helped that night feel the same way. You exemplified professionalism and your 17 years of practice paid off in my personal time of need.

If anybody knows Chris, please give him a hearty thanks on my behalf. I will not name the two tow companies who drove off after I was unable to offer quick cash, leaving me alone in a cold snowstorm. Your companies will never get my business, but thanks to Chris’ unselfishness and ethics, the Vail Shell can now count on a loyal customer and likely many, many references!

Tom LaPlante


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