Vail ski blog: Late start? Still deep. |

Vail ski blog: Late start? Still deep.

VAIL ” Like, I imagine, so many others, I had trouble getting up on the mountain this morning, the morning of New Year’s Day.

I know, I had the day off.

I know, tons of snow waited.

I know, there’s that powder mantra: “The early bird … “

We got 10 inches on Monday, topping off a great December during which snowfall been almost 70 percent above average. Pass restrictions lifted Tuesday for locals.

Sadly, for me, it wasn’t even a hangover from a New Year’s celebration that kept me in bed. I’m getting over a cold, and was content to sleep in on the holiday.

And the radio deejay said it was below zero outside ” that didn’t help my motivation.

I had been up on the mountain the day before, and battled whiteout conditions in the Back Bowls and cold weather ” even as there was great snow.

What a difference a day makes. When I finally got to the bus stop at 11 a.m. Tuesday, there was not a cloud in the sky, and it wasn’t even that cold.

I took a warmup run through plentiful snow on North Rim and then headed for China Bowl.

After the furious winds that we got the last few days, I zeroed in on east-facing slopes. Genghis was great, even with a little untracked snow here and there. Red Square was even better.

The lines were substantial by Vail standards ” the village garage was full when I arrived, and no doubt most hotels are full ” but still not bad. Five minutes was the longest wait.

Despite the late start, I got my share of powder turns. And with snow in the forecast this week, I’m hoping for more powder this weekend.

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