Vail skier picture tells true story |

Vail skier picture tells true story

Patrick Tvarkunas
Vail, CO, Colorado

The story of Marty Odom and the “ski bum” photo has had many twists and turns. As far as I know, he is still suspended for violating a “no-compete clause” and Sharpshooters policy of not releasing any photos for the protection of their clients. He lied to the Vail Daily about being off duty and took these photos while on duty.

On the Vail Daily site a gentlemen made a very good post asking how do we know what is printed in the paper is true if they print lies?

I agree completely! It is exactly the search for truth that I desire. That is exactly my argument in why this photo is important and photojournalism itself is vital to the public’s interests. It captures a moment and the public interprets for itself. Perhaps I am the only one who saw the dangers exposed, but I know VR saw it, and Sharpshooters could understand as well.

We seem very distracted with the fact the man’s bum was exposed, and the drama of Marty’s (apparent) lies.

Yes, this is an extraordinary set of circumstances, but Odom’s (alleged) lies have nothing to do with the photo, and the photo is the truth as only the lens can capture it.

The point I want to make is that we had a right to see it, and in spite of what

Sharpshooter’s or Marty’s motives were or what they thought, people deserve to draw their own conclusions from that newsworthy photo.

I hope Marty works out his employment terms favorably or receives his licensing fees with solid legal counsel backing him.

I do know that Chris Jarnot contacted me personally to explain his feelings regarding this photo, which were noble, and more importantly to state that VRI is taking active measures to alleviate the danger so truthfully presented by Marty’s photo. By attaching clips to the seats or a sensor “eye” to alert lifties somebody’s life just might be saved in the future. It is now our duty as an active and alert citizenry to hold VRI to its promises and to follow through on these safety measures.

Patrick Tvarkunas

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