Vail skier picture was news |

Vail skier picture was news

Jeff Starkman
Tampa, Fla

Everyone in Tampa, Fla., has had a chance to view the photo, especially since its link was featured in a local skiers enthusiast e.newsletter.

Everyone’s laughing; i.e., there’s no talk of banning future trips to Vail. Look, your paper published a news item that was topical, timely, humorous and lesson-teaching (why didn’t the skier turn around and put the seat down before he got on?).

Granted there is not a ski resort in Colorado or anywhere else I’ve been to that devotes a small space-practice area to boarding and exiting a chair lift for beginners. But there is no indication that this man was a beginner.

An awful lot of your reader-bloggers sound as if they could use a cup of decaf.

Thanks for the laugh and keep up the good work. Best wishes.

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Jeff Starkman

Tampa, Fla

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