Vail: Snowboard stolen, snowboard replaced |

Vail: Snowboard stolen, snowboard replaced

VAIL, Colorado ” John Grimes hit the jackpot Friday, when he won a Never Summer Coors Light snowboard at a giveaway at Vendetta’s in Vail, Colorado.

“It was awesome,” said Grimes, an East Vail resident. “It was the first thing I’ve won in probably 10 years, and it was a sick Never Summer board, too.”

But, before he knew it, his prize had disappeared from the spot it occupied near the bathroom.

“I walked away from it, and five minutes later, my buddy was like, ‘Where is your snowboard?'” Grimes said. “I walked back, and it was gone.”

Grimes ran to the Transportation Center and to other bars looking for the board, but couldn’t find it anywhere.

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However, Grimes got a replacement board from Coors after it was stolen, he said. Still, he said he wants to let people know that this type of crime can occur in Vail. He said he suspects that a local is to blame, which upsets him.

“This was some local-on-local crime, and it seems totally ridiculous,” he said. “I just want people to be aware that there are a few snakes in the grass out there.”

Grimes did not report the crime to the police, but Vendetta’s manager Shawn Meineke confirmed that the board was stolen.

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