Vail Society: St. Clare of Assisi golf tourney brings out tough players |

Vail Society: St. Clare of Assisi golf tourney brings out tough players

Betty Ann Woodland
High Altitude Society
Vail, CO Colorado
Vail Society: Tanya Kessenich, Golf Pro and Chair Joanie Sego, Karen Nern and Angie Repetti won the women's foursome

VAIL, Colorado –A group of hardy, intrepid souls braved a whiteout and gale force winds in Colorado’s Vail Valley on Monday at the Sonnenalp Golf Course to show support for Saint Clare of Assisi School. The feeling of camaraderie and community was in the air, along with pelting snow and gusty winds.

The organizers of the tournament did a good job juggling the schedule of events and the tee off was delayed until the snow stopped falling and melted off. Luckily, the sun came out briefly and players could see their golf balls against the greens and in the air. People scrambled to get whatever outerwear they had in their vehicles. Many had packed away the heavy coats, gloves and hats though, and there were some chilly legs showing. We certainly did not see many cute golf skirts and collared short-sleeved and sleeveless shirts.

This tenacity would not show up in many golf resorts. I am convinced that most clubs would have called the tournament off due to inclement weather. I guess we build them tough in these mountains and it shows when the going gets rough. Participants in the St. Clare of Assisi 2010 golf tournament should be commended. The event chairs, Bern Krueger and Joanie Sego did a fantastic job putting on a well-orchestrated event. There was a raffle with prizes including everything from golf gear and lessons to skin care products from Vail Dermatology.

The winning men’s and women’s team won a round of golf for a foursome at the Sonnenalp Golf Course. Lots of snazzy golf bags were won by heavy hitters and the rest of the story is the festive after-party. I know many people were chilled to the bone and I would not be surprised if some went home for a hot bath and a hot toddy. Sego, for one, appreciated all the volunteer efforts.

“It is impossible, as we all know, to do anything alone and we are fortunate to have a community that is willing to step up to the plate under any circumstances and today was one of those days,” she said.

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