Vail speed campaign cuts I-70 accidents |

Vail speed campaign cuts I-70 accidents

Daily Staff Report

VAIL – A traffic enforcement campaign by the Vail Police Department on I-70 has contributed to fewer reported accidents along the 10-mile stretch of freeway. The campaign, known as 65 Max, began in April at the direction of the Vail Town Council. The campaign has Vail patrol officers doing speed enforcement along the highway to slow traffic to the posted 65 mph speed limit on I-70 through Vail. Vail Police Chief Dwight Henninger said a mid-year review of the program shows a 27 percent reduction in accidents during the same time period a year earlier. Officers were called to investigate 57 accidents on I-70 from April 19, 2004 to Nov. 29, 2004, down from 78 accidents during the same period in 2003. “It’s great to see a correlation between our education and enforcement programs and what is actually happening on the interstate,” Henninger said. During the first 36 weeks of the program, officers issued 107 tickets to drivers who were zipping down the highway at an average speed of 85.8 mph. Another 768 drivers received warnings.By slowing traffic to the posted 65 mph speed limit, the town also aims to reduce the effect of highway noise in Vail’s neighborhoods. Studies show that for every 5 mph reduction in speed, noise levels are reduced by 1 to 2 decibels. For more information, call Chief Dwight Henninger, 479-2218.Vail, Colorado

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