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‘Vail Square’ sounds nice

OK. These thought processes started when Vail Resorts announced the construction of “Arrabelle at Vail Square.” Not just plain “Arrabelle” and obviously not “Arrabelle at Lionshead.”

I’m curious why there’s not been any public comment about possibly changing the name of the section of town known as “Lionshead” to something more attractive and appealing, which could coincide with the renewal and reconstruction activities ongoing throughout Vail.

As a 30-year resident of Lionshead who enjoys living here, I’m personally not at all emotionally married to the level of branding quality the name “Lionshead” implies.

For most of the permanent residents of our town, I would think the mere mention of the name Lionshead conjures up images of 1970s pre-stress concrete architecture, limited dining options, and shopping that can be decent but is really quite limited in scope and variety.

The existing situation will all change when Arrabelle and other building upgrade projects are completed in a couple of years. So why not update the descriptive perception of this part of town too?

Frankly, I’d be fine renaming Lionshead to simply “Vail Square,” but if that doesn’t work for Vail Resorts or the town council or our residents as a whole, how about running a contest to find a new name that better reflects the higher level of quality and service that will surely occur in this part of town when all the renovations are completed?

For those local die-hard residents who find it impossible to accept any changes in our community, we could at least leave the street names as they are now. That way when Joe Citizen is strolling over for a nice dinner at a restaurant in the Square, he could point a finger at the street sign and mutter knowingly to his companions “I remember when this whole part of Vail was once called Lionshead – and it ruled! (wink, wink)”

Orv Petersen


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