Vail stepping ahead smartly |

Vail stepping ahead smartly

Don Rogers

You don’t want to miss Vail’s annual town meeting at 4-6 p.m. today. Town leaders have plenty to talk about. Aside from a curious case of cold feet two long years into planning the conference center after voter approval in November 2002, Vail actually is getting a lot done these days.The renaissance – or New Dawn, if you prefer – has got a head of steam with the billion dollars worth of private and public investment working through various stages of approval and even construction.The Middle Creek apartments are opening, helping ease one of Vail’s most vexing problems with rental housing, and a gymnastics center funded through several government entities will be finished soon enough.The Donovan Pavilion has been in service for a year and a half now. Something for the ever-present Sky is Falling crowd now clucking about the conference center that could never work: This community center, also pooh-poohed by naysayers, has turned out to be popular enough to be projected to begin paying its own way next year. That’s a good three years ahead of schedule.It helps that revenue into town has risen 5.29 percent over the previous year, and that the dollar is going a lot further these days for our international guests. That should help fund the extra hands it takes to process the flood of new building projects, and to deal with the obstacles to come when the construction really takes off.And we wouldn’t want to largely not notice that Vail Resorts will actually help the town add parking to the tune of the promised $4.3 million. Or fail to note that another year has passed with West Vail fire station still unbuilt, despite that judge’s order in the 1980s.On balance, Vail is stepping boldly toward a bright future. And that’s good for the whole valley. Vail, Colorado

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