Vail still lit up like Christmas |

Vail still lit up like Christmas

Leary O'Gorman
Vail, CO, Colorado

Driving back from Denver and a conference about sustainability and “green-ness” in the hospitality industry, I was shocked to drive through the Vail Valley and still see holiday lights still illuminating the sky!

I cannot believe the trees that are still lit! Sure the lights might be the new energy efficient lights, but it is March! What are they doing still on?

Not only is Vail wasting energy, there is light pollution from East Vail all the way to Edwards with its red neon lights on the top of its “downtown”!

I won’t even talk about the light pollution mask masking the stars (that tourists would love to enjoy) because if the holiday lights are still illuminated, looking at stars is the farthest from the Vail Valley’s mind.

Is Vail trying to become “Vegas in the Valley”?

Leary O’Gorman


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