Vail ‘Sting Day’ targets speeders |

Vail ‘Sting Day’ targets speeders

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VAIL ” Vail Mountain will hold its first “Sting Day” safety today.

Sting Day seeks to encourage skiers and snowboarders to ski slowly when they are in congested areas, said Vail Mountain spokeswoman Jen Brown.

“Space and speed” is a concept Vail uses to educate skiers and riders about when and where they can go a little faster on the mountain.

If skiing down a run in the Back Bowls with a few other people on the same slope, it is OK to ski a little faster while maintaining control. It is not OK to move faster than traffic at the end of a day while traveling down Born Free, she aid.

Sting Day violators will be stopped, and single-day lift tickets will be confiscated and the violator will lose lift privileges for the remainder of that day.

Holders of multi-day will lose their lift ticket for the remainder of that day and may pick up their multi-day ticket from ski patrol the following day.

Season pass holders will lose skiing and snowboarding privileges on the day of the violation and a hole will be punched in their pass as a warning, which will be loaded onto the computer.

A second offense for pass holders results in the loss of mountain privileges for one week. A third violation may result in the loss of privileges for the remainder of the season.

Sting Days will take place periodically throughout the ski season and signs will be in place in the base areas and at the top of major lifts to notify skiers and snowboarders.

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