Vail student follows Washington’s footsteps on eve of inauguration |

Vail student follows Washington’s footsteps on eve of inauguration

Jillian Kiss
Vail, CO Colorado
Jillian Kiss/Special to the DailyThe wall and statues at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. are lit up at night.

WASHINGTON “-So today we ate at the Reagan Center which was really fun. I had a Belgian waffle along with many others in our group.

Then we rode the bus to Mt. Vernon, or George Washington’s mansion. We went through the museum and then waited in line a pretty long time to walk through the mansion.

Although some of the group got really cold waiting outside for so long, the wait was definitely worth it. Many of the items in the mansion were the actual objects owned by the Washingtons, not just replicas.

Even the bed that George Washington died in was still there. It was really cool to see what the mansion looked like on the interior in George Washington’s time and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

After leaving Mt. Vernon, we went to lunch at a mall. Since we were running kind of late for our next obligation at the Kennedy Center, we all had to get our food to go and then eat it on the bus. The leader pranked us and told us to meet her at the Disney Store when we had our food, but there was no Disney Store. My group was fast in getting our food and was the first ones done.

When we finally reached the Kennedy Center, we were already late for the show we went to see. We didn’t miss that much of it thankfully, just a little introduction. The play we saw was called “Shear Madness” and was an interactive murder mystery. The play was hilarious and had many jokes that caused roars of laughter from the audience, and even sometimes the actors on stage.

The play took place in a hair salon called “Shear Madness” and the whole mystery was solved in the very same salon. The most impressive thing at the show was the audience gets to control what happens. For example, after reviewing the evidence, the audience takes a vote on who they think is the guilty person. Thus every time the play goes differently, which requires exquisite improvising skills for the actors. I would definitely like to see this show again to see what goes differently.

After the show at the Kennedy Center, we went to dinner at a restaurant. Since most of us weren’t hungry because it hadn’t been that long since we ate lunch, a lot of us just got a little bit from the salad bar. It was still pretty good even though I wasn’t really hungry.

We have an extremely early day tomorrow for the inauguration so we wanted to get back to the hotel early so we could get some sleep, so we only did one memorial. My bus went to the Vietnam Wall which was really cool at night. The wall and statues are all lit up so they bring the memorial to life.

After exploring the memorial, we went back to the hotel so we could get a lot of sleep for our long day tomorrow.

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