Vail students collecting batteries for recycling |

Vail students collecting batteries for recycling

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Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – The Household Battery Recycle Challenge at Red Sandstone Elementary School is back.

Continuing until Nov. 18, the students at Red Sandstone will be collecting household batteries in an effort to educate the student body on the need to recycle batteries responsibly. The classroom that collects the most batteries, by weight, will win a pizza party.

“The purpose of event is to increase awareness of battery recycling, and create an educational component for the students centered on battery mechanics,” said Alan Sandberg, Red Sandstone parent and owner of The Parents Handbook.

Each class at Red Sandstone will collect household batteries and old cell phones during the month of November. Collection buckets will be available in each classroom and each Friday, the buckets will be weighed and the results will be posted to a leader board at the school entrance. Old cell phones will be collected as well, but will not be weighed for the purpose of the Recycling Challenge.

Accepted batteries include:

• Nickel cadmium batteries, which can be found in some cordless tools and rechargeable electronic devices.

• Nickel metal hydride batteries, which can also be found in some cordless tools, cell phones and other electronic devices.

• Lithium ion batteries, which can be found in laptop computers, some cell phones and other portable electronic devices.

• Alkaline batteries, which are the most common type of household battery. These batteries can be found in flashlights, toys and clock radios.

Unacceptable batteries include:

• Lead acid batteries are common around the home and garage. They can be the spill able type that you would find in a car or motorcycle. There are also non-spillable gel cells that would be found in the uninterruptible power supplyfor your computer, wheelchairs and other electric motorized vehicles.

Last May, the students collected more than 560 pounds of batteries.

For more information on the Household Battery Recycling Challenge, please contact Red Sandstone Elementary School at 970-328-2910.

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