Vail success: It’s half-time of 2010 – how will you adjust? |

Vail success: It’s half-time of 2010 – how will you adjust?

How did the first half of 2010 go for you personally, in business, and for your family? Are you in the lead at half-time, slightly ahead, tied, a little behind, or are we getting slaughtered?

Whatever the situation is, the good news is that there is time to plan and prepare for how you can maximize the remainder of 2010, while building success strategies for 2011. That’s what coaches do at half-time, right? The coach will meet with assistant coaches and players to review what is working and what isn’t and then make adjustments to the game plan.

If you are in the lead or slightly ahead, you need an approach that will build up or at least preserve your lead, taking nothing for granted and not getting lazy or complacent. If you are faced with a tie, stuck in a rut, and want to distance yourself from mediocrity, your plan may include some positive reinforcement and motivation to re-light the fire that was there when you first began playing this year’s game in January.

When trailing by just a few at the break, sometimes you need a simple or minor adjustment. Maybe your plan has been solid and you need to focus a little more on execution. What activities, tasks, and tactics can you modify, amp up, or step up to get back on track and ahead in the game?

If the score isn’t even close and you have abandoned your goals, objectives, and game plans in exchange for hope and Hail Mary passes for the remainder of 2010, you need to realize that the greatest comebacks in sports history have come with the game in its final moments.

Why did these teams and individuals rebound and come back to win? With a little bit of luck and a lot of fire and passion, they realized they were in the wrong place, both mentally and physically. Being badly beaten didn’t feel good, and their self respect and ego couldn’t handle the pain. These comeback teams went back into the locker room, changed their plan, inspired and motivated one another, and most important, committed to give their all in the second half.

Finding our selves, our teams, or our businesses so far behind plan but committing to getting back in the game will also require that we have fun while attempting to retake the lead. What do we have to lose? Go big or go home, right? Get after it, smile, laugh, and you will enjoy the effort that much more.

Your second half starts now – we are in the locker room with chalk boards and clipboards, coaches and assistant coaches, fellow players, co-workers, family members, and friends. You can still win the game regardless of what the score board says right now.

Let me know how you finished the first half of the year and what your plans are for the second half at and make it a better than good second half of the game.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker, and CEO of He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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