Vail suspect says that he doesn’t remember Sandbar events |

Vail suspect says that he doesn’t remember Sandbar events

Michael CacioppoSpecial to the DailyEagle, CO Colorado

EAGLE, Colorado – Richard “Rossi” Moreau, held in the Eagle County jail on pending murder charges after one was killed and three injured Nov. 7 in a shooting at the Sandbar, said he didn’t remember what happened at the Vail nightclub and held fast to his claims that he served in the special forces in Vietnam.A group that tracks service records of military veterans cast doubt on Moreau’s claims last week.The POW (Prisoners of War) Network is a St. Louis-based “501c3 educational organization founded in 1989,” according to its Web site, that investigates potentially phony claims by people who served or claim to have served in the military.The POW Network, according to the VFW ( Veterans of Foreign Wars) Magazine, is run by Chuck and Mary Schantag, of Skidmore, Mo.The group has indicated that shooting suspect Moreau, the long-time Vail resident who claims he has post-traumatic stress disorder, may not have served in the special forces during his military career, according to the Vail Daily.The POW Network could find no evidence that Moreau was part of special forces, the Daily reported last Tuesday.Further, the organization, which is not part of the U.S. government, says Moreau’s claims to have served in the First Cavalry and as an Army Ranger are not possible.Eagle County District Attorney Mark Hurlbert, at Moreau’s first court hearing Nov. 9, indicated that he may file first degree murder charges against Moreau for allegedly shooting four people in the incident Nov. 7, killing retired doctor Gary Bruce Kitching, of Carbondale, a Navy veteran.

However, Moreau told this reporter on Friday, “If you look at the Vietnam Order of Battle, it states exactly what the hell was going on. I’m not gonna refute anything. Let them prattle on.”He continued, “Let them believe what the hell they want, man. I was in the Army Security Agency and everything was classified top secret, as it still is today.”When asked if every mission for the Army Security Agency was classified, Moreau responded, ” That’s right.”Moreau was asked if he was truly in the First Cavalry.” That’s right,” he said.Moreau was informed that it had been alleged that he can’t be in the First Cavalry and be an Army Ranger.Moreau laughed and said, ” That’s like saying you can’t be First Cavalry and be Army Security Agency. Every unit had a small branch of us, and we used to go find the bad guys. It is as simple as that.”Moreau added, ” We were the snoopers. We went out and found the bad guys, and we called them in for air support and artillery assaults and air mobile assaults. I don’t know where this person is getting their information. Boy, are they off the wall!”Let them say what the hell they want. I know who I am and what I did,” Moreau said, referring to his Vietnam experience. ” The truth will come out when the time is right.”Prior to this interview, Moreau was asked on Nov. 9 about the shooting incident at the Sandbar.”I don’t even know what the hell’s going on,” he said then.When asked, then, if he understood what happened at the Sandbar, Moreau responded, “I don’t. I don’t have a clue. The only thing I know is what I was told.”According to Moreau, he is on suicide watch in the Eagle County Jail.” They’ve got me on suicide watch. I don’t even have clothes,” he said.Michael Cacioppo is the managing director of The Business Briefs Newspaper & Business Consulting Services, based in Avon. He can be contacted at 970-280-5555 or by e-mail at or through his Web site at 2009 Business Briefs.

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