Vail Symposium’s summer llineup |

Vail Symposium’s summer llineup

Fraidy AberVail CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyFraidy Aber

Editor’s note: Fraidy Aber is the executive director of the Vail Symposium.It’s hard to believe it was just last year the Vail Symposium first partnered with Eagle County Adult Services and the Denver Active Minds program to offer Active Minds, a fan favorite we already can’t imagine going without.If I had to tell someone which symposium programs they should add to their “must not miss” list, the Active Minds lectures would be top among them. The amount you learn from various perspectives and angles in just over an hour is astounding and truly sets this series apart.The lectures are lead by the Denver Active Mind’s instructors – all Ph.D grads in foreign and domestic affairs. Imagine getting a college overview of some of the timeliest topics in our world today, in one evening. The talks are objective and informative, covering everything from a subject’s history and geography, to what to expect in the newspapers and how to read between the lines of the media. They are the kinds of lectures where five minutes into it, attendees are asking us for paper and a pen because they can’t help but take notes. In fact, the symposium staff can’t help but take notes, too – they’re that good. This winter’s talks on North Korea, the Stem Cell Debate, Al Qaeda and the Soviet Union were raved about.The series has also developed a strong following because of its audience experience. This winter, we hosted the lectures at the Eagle Community Center, making the programs more accessible to our dynamic learners downvalley. The center was a great place to host the series. The comfortable setting, family-style tables and snacks served, allowed every program to have a vibrant convivial feel, where participation is easy and welcomed.Because of the incredible response we have received so far, we are not only planning on continuing the series, but we are already expanding it. This summer, we will offer five programs on the third Wednesday of every month, from June through October. Programs will alternate between the Golden Eagle Community Center in Eagle and the Miller Ranch Community Center in Edwards.This series is offered to community members of all ages, absolutely free. This makes these great educational programs accessible to all those who should attend, which is absolutely everyone. The series receives financial support from local businesses and government, and the symposium is committed to maintaining the gratis program with continued community support.

We are so excited about this summer’s schedule. Our friends from Denver’s Active Minds will be returning once again to host spirited discussions on the timely topics of the Islamic Faith, Venezuela, the Bio-Engineering of Food, China’s Economic Transition and the CIA. I hope you will join us.

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